Can you guess who the lead singer is?


Gospel, Mississippian Rap

Years Active

since like forever


WTF Are Records

associated acts



screaming man, bob saget

Former Members

Lil Wayne, T.I., will.i.am, Kevin Rudolf

Nickelsack, not to be confused with the much less popular band Half-dollarback, are a Gospel band containing three core members: Timmy Dimmy, Fanny Panny, and Benny Lenny.

Through their career, which originated in 1956, they are #1 on the list "bands who should just give it up". They're 14th album, Black Horse, is a racist album featuring many songs that make the singer sound like he can't quite get the words out.

This is also often seen in music videos, as the vocalist consistently struggles with his speech.


Nickelback started out in the 1990's but thankfully people didn't have to hear their songs on Mainstream radio stations until the early 2000's with their friggin overplayed, annoying #1 hit "How You Remind Me". Then, they're popularity went up and down, up and down, yet unfortunately not down for long enough, but yeah, and thankfully, lately, they haven't had too many popular songs, not since "Gotta Be Somebody" in 2008, about half a year ago or so, so yeah.

So, today, they are known for performing outrageously, which is explained in their "controversy" section.


Nickelback has that screamo sound to it, which adds to their annoying hard rock sound that they have with them. In fact, they sound a lot like Daughtry, because the lead singer, Chad Kroeger, has that Daughtry-sounding voice, and, it's like, it's the same voice, but it's the annoying version, the version that no one really wants to hear.

Controversy & criticism[]

Nickelback have been heavily criticised for sucking, pretty much, and for the way they treat their audience. In fact, one time, they flipped them off before they walked out. It's on YouTube.

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