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[Welcome to lmfao, the serious community.]

We currently have 41 articles in English and 2 users on the wiki.

Basic info

lmfao is a wiki on Wikia. That pretty much means that this is a website inside a website. It's a community, yeah, so that means that you can talk to people/users on here (Click here for an explanation of how to do that), you can read articles on here about pop culture, and you can create your own articles or edit existing ones. So pretty much, if you're struck with boredom, you can become unbored if you go here. Btw, you don't have to do be a certain age to join, I don't think, but you do have to understand there's a lot of cussing and sexual humor on here.


Alright, so pretty much, this is where the announcements will be, when we have some.

  • Jan 10, 2010 – Main Page is still being worked on.

In the news

  • Tiger Woods really fucked up (pictured)
    Tiger Woods.jpg
  • Zhu Zhu Pets kill little children with their harmful death rays. And stuff.
  • Jesus watches Passion of the Christ and finds it "mildly entertaining. But Mel, you know you're still going to hell, right? I mean, you fucked a twelve-year old."
  • The Health Bill Thing passes

Didja know....

  • ....that Chuck Norris is 70 fucking years old?
  • ....that President Barack Obama doesn't eat carrots for breakfast?!?!
  • ....that Blue-Ray is just the name for Iron Man's arm cannon?
  • ....that Avatar made over 1 billion thanks to you dumb fucks?


None yet.