You can talk to people on lmfao by going to their userpage's discussion page.[1]

Then, you click on the tab/link (depends on the skin you use) at the top of the page that says "leave message".

And then you type whatever the hell you wanna type to them and then you sign what you said (so the people you were talking to can know who the fuck sent it) by putting two hyphens (- and -) and then you put four ~'s (~, ~, ~, & ~). Then click Save Page and wait for the fucking response. It's like email.

Extra, possibly useful information

  • You can find users by typing "User:" and then their username. So, if you wanted to find Nathaniel Johnston's userpage, you would type in the search box "User:NathanielJohnston" or find him in the User List


  1. It's one of the links on top of the article page near the top of the page. It's the second link, the one next to "article".

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