Jay Sean




On a small raft in India

Kamaljeet Singh Jhooti[2], better known by his stolen[3] American name as Jay Sean, is a Hindu[4] who has offensively invaded America with his "smash"-hit single "Down" that briefly, but definitely, took over radios all across states like Utah and Minesota. Oh, and some others, too. And the UK and Canada. Almost forgot to mention those.

He is a Brit.[5]

Early life[]

Jay Sean was born on a small raft in India that was floating along with the currents. He was said by the townspeople of Fuck[6] to be the prodigy of God, even though he lacked any real musical abilities and therefore could not possibly be a fucking prodigy.


Jay Sean dropped out of school when he was sixteen.[7] He worked as a bartender for several years before he started hiring people to write songs for him and he got an auto-tuning machine that would auto-tune his terrible singing voice for him, eventually resulting in the single "Down", which hit America hard.

And so, now, he has this other single, tentatively[8] called "Do You Remember", which features him and this guy that keeps screaming "Yo! Jay Sean! Sing for all 'dem ladies out 'dere!" like Jay's his bitch or something. What a fucked up situation right there.


  1. He just looks like he's in his mid-20s because of all those fucking Botox injections.
  2. We know that's his name. We got it off of Wikipedia. And we can trust Wikipedia. Because it's always right and can never, ever be wrong. Just like Jesus.
  3. We known it's stolen. Because he stole it from Jay Sean.
  4. You know, the race.
  5. Somehow he's a Muslim-Hindu, an American citizen, and a fucking brit, too. Now how the hell did that happen?
  6. It's a town, dammit.
  7. Mainly because he was pregnant and "there was just too much drama going on at that time. I mean....politics just drive me crazy" like something a little white bitch would say.
  8. We have no fucking clue what that word means. We just used it because it's long and it looks like a cool word to use right there.

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