"Don't Trust Me"


Back in mid-2008


Elf music


Who knows


Obama (because he would write something like that)

"Don't Trust Me" is a song by that 3OH!3 band that no one's really heard of before. It's commonly known for its okay nature and how the radios can't think of anything better to play so they wear this song out like crazy. Or, at least, they used to. It's not really played that much anymore, because people are like "ah, screw it" and stuff like that.

Song history[]

The song started getting popular in early 2009 in music because it was reported that 90% more of the people who listened to music were stoned in January 2009-May 2009 and so they figured out that it was probably a part of that, why the song got so popular, because the song is just okay and not really worthy of listening to in most books that have it defined.

The song was recorded, like, back in early 2008, and they released it in mid-2008 but it didn't get popular until, like, a year later because it just sucked so much that it took that long. And how no one really knows or cares about who 3OH!3 is anyway. Some band that they named after their area code (303, for those who couldn't figure that out on there own), which has obviously been done before (i.e. AC/DC, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, etc.).

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