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Al Capone
Ryan Seacrest
Clay Aiken

3OH!3 (pronounced Michael Jackson and sometimes pronounced as three-oh-H-exclamation-mark-three) are a band from Mississippi, Ohio, Kansas, Connecticut who are in their thirties. The band consists of Al Capone, Ryan Seacrest, Clay Aiken, and Elmo.

They take drugs which they say is medicine but are lying. Obviously.[citation not needed]

History[edit | edit source]

3OH!3 decided to call themselves 30H!2 1/2 back in the late 80's but changed their name because of a bet that Elmo won (they had bet on if houses could float. Turns out, they can't). This made them come out with their debut album, entitled 3OH!3 GeT mE sOmE HoTdOgS DuDe!? which produced one hit single, entitled Don't Kill Me Cuz I Can't Die.

Their plans seemed to work, because, like Shinedown, they had one song that was just "awesome" (okay), and was called "Don't Trust Me" and everyone thinks it's so cool because it's the closest to rap you can get without actually being rap.

Critical response[edit | edit source]

Critics were saying, "WTF!?" to just about every single 3OH!3 song that 3OH!3 has ever had. No one really knows why they were, they just were. Doesn't that just make a whole lotta sense.

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